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Ciel Vivant Bask in My Glow
*please note: Julien is my personal pet and unavailable for stud services. He is neutered and has never been bred.

Julien was my first French Bulldog, as well as my first personal dog in general. Having him in my life is what made me first start to fall in love with the breed. My Juju is very cuddly and never leaves my lap empty if he has any say in the matter. He is generally a much lazier companion than Charlotte, preferring a snuggle or a nap over a run.  He does have great food and tug drive, quickly takes to new tricks, and enjoys swimming. Julien can be selective with other dogs, especially intact males, but with a proper introduction can co-exist peacefully. He is curious but neutral with cats and small animals. Overall, Julien does prefer human company and has a soft spot for children, particularly my niece and nephew.

AKC Registration: PAL285329

Date of Birth: April 2nd, 2019

Color/Pattern: Black Brindle, White Markings

Color DNA: 

Weight: 26.5 pounds

Height: 12.5 inches at the withers

Sire: "Beast"

Dam: "Lela"

What's in a name?

Julien did not come as a pedigreed purebred, so his call name was chosen long before I had to choose a name to register him with for AKC's Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program. Having already named Charlotte after a beloved character, I decided to do the same with him . I found inspiration in a quote by King Julien XIII, the comical lemur from the Madagascar franchise:

"Welcome, giant pansies. Please feel free to bask in my glow."



June 25, 2022- completed Control Unleashed class with Laurie Williams, BA CCUI CDTI

currently working on: Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test preparation, intro to nosework

Julien's Training and Accomplishments

Julien's Health Testing

October 12th, 2023- PennHIP X-Rays by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: RDI 0.50/LDI 0/43 Extension X-Ray Compression X-Ray Distraction X-Ray

October 12th, 2023- OFA Hip X-Ray by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: Good FBU-2532G54M-C-VPI  X-Ray

October 12th, 2023- OFA Elbow X-Rays by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: Normal FBU-EL1343M54-C-VPI  Left X-Ray Right X-Ray

October 12th, 2023- OFA Patella exam by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: Normal-Specialist FBU-PA6306/54M/S-VPI

October 12th, 2023- OFA Trachea X-Ray by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: Normal-Ratio 2.2 X-Ray

October 12th, 2023- OFA Spine X-Rays by Kara Kolster, DVM, DACT: Normal Spine with Remarks (Spondylosis) Lateral X-Ray 1 Lateral X-Ray 2 Lateral X-Ray 3 Lateral X-Ray 4 Ventral Dorsal X-Ray 1 Ventral Dorsal X-Ray 2 Ventral Dorsal X-Ray 3

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